African American Empowerment

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                                                           The evolution of
                                                               OUR MUSIC 

Think about where “OUR” created form of Music is headed: the messages being share consciously and sub-consciously through our music. Black Women demand respect from the music industry. Black Men demand that the messages communicated in black music is not just about drugs, sex and violence, because if we don’t who will. And Black men and women take the time to think about what you want rap to mean to our children in the future…
California State University Los Angeles 
                                                               The EOP Department 
The Educational Opportunities Program or EOP department at California State University Los Angeles is committed to increasing access to higher education for California residents who are form historically low-income families and are first generation college students. EOP students demonstrate the potential to perform adequately in the CSU system, but have not been able to realize this potential because of lack of economic and educational resources. Our goal is to meet the educational needs of our students by providing admissions assistance, financial support, academic and personal support services throughout their career at a CSU. 
More Black College Graduates
The new Black American Family 
In today’s society the African American community is becoming more brainwashed, it is seen as a dangerous community, and the people are also seen as uneducated. African Americans themselves are carrying on negative traditions from back in slavery, and civil rights days, such as reclaiming the word “Nigga” and contributing to black on black crime, killing their own people. The communities mindset is getting worse and a lot of African Americans are becoming excepting of their place in society. Black woman are being represented in music videos as objects and the world starts to see all Black women that way. It is not everyday that we are reminded that us as African Americans are more than what society makes us out to be and what most of us start to believe we are. A lot of the time it takes a tragic moment like the Trayvon Martin incident, or the two men who went around shooting African Americans in Oklahoma, for blacks to realize that they are equals if not more to the rest of society; and for society to realize that we are powerful people and stand up for what we believe in. It takes a large amount of people in order to make change, and if African Americans need to start to realizing their worth and not look through societies eyes, but their own, and change will be made. We shouldn’t have to go through a tragedy in order to come together and be the powerful black people that we are capable of being. It’s sad how a lot of African Americans get rich and famous knowing that they have an unspoken responsibility to uphold, which is to empower their community, instead they look down upon it and contribute to the negativity. A lot of people look up to celebrities and the celebrities sometimes don’t realize that they are hurting their people by sending out the wrong messages. We as a people need to work together and stop bringing each other down, and letting society win.

Tragedy Strikes California State Universities

In the last several years, California State Universities has been a victim of budget cuts. in the last 18 months alone, funding has been reduced to an unfortunate 750 million for California State Universities. This issue is scarce for Universities, but more so tragic for students. As students we are paying more as fees continue to rise due to budget cuts while getting less or no classes needed to graduate. The budget cuts are especially making it difficult for students to complete our degree within four years, causing us to become in more financial debt. Classes are either full or not provided during certain quarters causing students to fall behind our graduation deadline. What is really shady about this situation is the fact that classes that are said to be full, can still fit students who need courses. Because of the student max of 30 per class, students are unable to add certain classes. Students who are unable to add more than two classes because of this situation also suffers from the lack of 12 units needed in order to fill requirement for financial aid. 

We helped him start his monumental movement, but he’s work is not done yet, help re-elect Barack Obama so he can finish what he has started… Support True Change

THe beautiful and empowering Inidia Arie ” I am not my hair”

African American actor, director, screen and playwright, producer, author, and songwriter, Tyler Perry.